Who helps minorities?

Despite liberals trying to rewrite history, it is clear that the republicans have helped minorities and women far more than the democrats:

1.  The First Hispanic Governor was a Republican, in 1863, Romualdo Pacheco of CA
2.  Republicans freed the slaves,Republicans passed the 13th Amendment unanimously – against nearly unanimous Democrat opposition
3.  Republicans passed 14th Amendment to defend African-Americans from their Democrat oppressors in the post-Civil War South.
4.  In 1869, the Republican-controlled 40th Congress passed the 15th Amendment, extending to African-Americans the right to vote. Nearly all Democrats in Congress voted against the 15th Amendment. The 15th Amendment was ratified the following year, but using intimidation, poll taxes, registration fraud, and literacy tests Democrats prevented most African-Americans from voting for nearly a century.
5.  The First African-American Senator was a Republican, in North Carolina, Hiram Revels.
6.  The 1871 Civil Rights Act effectively banned the Klan and enabled Republican officials to arrest hundreds of Klansmen. The KKK did not rise again until the Democratic administration of President Woodrow Wilson.
7. Republicans passed the 1875 Civil Rights Act that banned racial discrimination in public accommodations. Though struck down by the Supreme Court eight years later, the 1875 Civil Rights Act would be reborn as the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
8.  Republicans gave woman the right to vote. In 1878, U.S. Senator Aaron Sargent (R-CA) introduced in Congress the proposed 19th Amendment, according women the right to vote. Over the next four decades, it was primarily the Democrats who would oppose the measure. Not until 1919, after the Republican Party won majorities in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives, did Congress approve what would become the 19th Amendment.
9.  A Former Slave Chaired the 1884 Republican National Convention, John Lynch.
10.  Bertha Landes, a Republican, was the first woman to serve as mayor of a large American city.
11.  A Republican President Appointed the First Jewish Cabinet Secretary, Oscar Straus.
12.  In 1924, Republican President Calvin Coolidge signed the Indian Citizenship Act, granting citizenship to all Native Americans. The law had been written by Rep. Homer Snyder (R-NY)
13.  The First Hispanic U.S. Senator was a Republican, Octaviano Larrazolo of New Mexico.
14.  The First Asian-American U.S. Senator was a Republican, Hiram Fong of Hawaii.
15.  In 1940, the Republican National Convention approved a plank in its platform calling for racial integration of the armed forces. Not until 1948 did President Truman finally comply with the Republicans’ demands for racial justice in the U.S. military.
16.  Judge Tuttle, a Republican, in 1962, ordered the University of Mississippi to admit its first African-American student, James Meredith.
17.  In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. The author of Brown v. Board of Education was a Republican, Chief Justice Earl Warren.
18.  Republicans Passed the 1957 Civil Rights Act against the filibustering democrats. The GOP improved upon this landmark legislation with the 1960 Civil Rights Act.
19.  Republicans Ended Racial Segregation in Little Rock. President Eisenhower ordered federal troops to the state, where they escorted African-American children to school against the will of the Democrat governor.
20.  After 911, under Bush leadership,the U.S. military, together with forces from Britain and other allies, destroyed terrorist camps and ousted the Taliban, liberating 27 million people from Taliban oppression, including giving girls the opportunity to attend school and giving women the right to vote.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/1501993-republicans-have-done-more-minorities-women.html#ixzz3BhnVaDgo


One thought on “Who helps minorities?

  1. I find it amusing that we had to pass a federal law to give citizenship to Native Americans when they have been here longer than any of the rest of us. lol

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