New window today . . .

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon, and the people installing our newest replacement window will arrive this afternoon to do that.  It may happen as early as 1pm (1300 hrs).  This brings us to 2 replaced,  11 upstairs windows left to go.  We’re considering spacing them out a bit more, and ordering 2 at a time in the future, so each visit makes more of a difference for us, and they don’t have to drive as much.  Well, it’s something to think on.


2 thoughts on “New window today . . .

  1. I hear ya on that one. I’m having a butt-load of remodeling done due to a flood and the mess has been going on for 5 months now. Probably another 3 or 4 ahead of us and I am soooo over it. Hope your experience isn’t as crazy! 🙂

  2. OUCH! Sorry to hear about your flood. I hope you finish early.

    As for how crazy ours is – that would be a matter of perspective. Our project is going to be ongoing for at least 5 more years – but that is because it’s all out-of-pocket, and we’re not borrowing money for it.

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