Use coconut oil to improve your health…

I’m basically still working on my experiment, but I found this yesterday while I was waiting on the people to arrive who replaced one of our windows, and I thought I should share it:


As for the replacement window – I’ve already noticed that the heater hasn’t been kicking on quite as much (it was 45-50F degrees outside so I shut off the heater while they were working, and it didn’t even have to kick on right away when I turned it back on), and I’m hearing less street noise inside the house.  A funny thing happened while the couple (a husband-wife team) were here.  As he was walking back to his truck for tools after setting up his ladder outside the window they replaced, he suddenly bent over and picked up a set of keys out of the yard.  He looked at them (I was standing on the porch watching) and came up the steps and handed them to me.  He said something like, “These aren’t ours.”  I took one look at them and replied, “No, they are my wife’s – they’ve been missing for almost a week.”  So, that mystery has been solved, too.

The wife is the one who came inside the house to do most of the prep work and indoor clean up.  She was a petite Philippine woman who speaks excellent English, but still has a noticeable accent – and she was very superstitious about Merlin – our black cat.  She managed to do her job, but she kept looking around for him, and told me he made her nervous because he’s a black cat.  Apparently it is something she learned from her family back in the Philippine Islands.


2 thoughts on “Use coconut oil to improve your health…

  1. Wow. You didn’t tell me anything yesterday about the window installers and Merlin. I thought you said both of the cats hid the whole time. Did he try to get underfoot or just observe?

  2. As for the coconut oil story, I think there is cottonseed oil and soybean oil in your peanut butter and soybean oil in the mayo. I know I can change the mayo next shopping trip, but I don’t know how to change the peanut butter.

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