At the VA on Monday

I took the time to ask about that “Veterans Choice” program, and found out that it’s an even bigger joke than I previously thought.

Remember that I said that the closest VA clinic is about a 2 hour drive away?  Not according to the VA – there is a pre-Civil War fort 30 miles north of me that is closed now except for ceremonial functions.  They do tours and “educational demonstrations” about life back then . . . things like that.  AND there is a one-man clinic operated for the benefit of the <i>performers</i> who work at the fort – but because it is a Union Army (decomissioned) fort, the clinic is classified as a VA health clinic, so I don’t even qualify for the Veterans Choice program because there is a VA health clinic within 40 miles of me.

According to one of the nurses at the VA facility I go to – whomever designed the Veterans Choice program put a LOT of thought into planning and wording the exact specifications for qualification – they managed to exclude over 90% of the people the media acts like this should help.


One thought on “At the VA on Monday

  1. Yes. I guess we read between the lines pretty well since we know how bad VA care has been in the past. I do hope it helps some other vets out, though.

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