Our choice for Valentine’s Day . . .

When my wife and I first became a couple, it was Valentine’s Day 1999 – aka 16 years ago.  The first few years after that, I made it a point to get a flower delivery to her at work on Valentine’s Day – usually one rose for every year we’d been together so far.

Last year I missed it, because we were busy dealing with things related to having my daughter live with us, and didn’t even see Valentine’s Day coming.  She forgave me, and we continued.

This year, I’m deliberately NOT spending the money on flowers.  I’ve already called a handyman and made arrangements (in a manner of speaking, since there is no actual appointment) for him to come install a replacement ceiling fan/light in the room we just had a window replaced in.  The money I would have spent on flowers is covering his fee for the service call.  Since this ceiling fan/light has needed to be fixed/replaced for over 3 years, it’s about time we did this.   I think she’s happy we’re getting it done.


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