More results from the VA . . .

Finally got the report back on the blood work they did while I was having my annual physical.  Keep in mind, this is a fasting lab, and was taking 2-weeks into my experiment with the telomere repair supplements. For reference, 2 years ago my LDL cholesterol was 281, and last year was basically unchanged, and my doctor has been harping on me about it (he wants to put me on an anti-cholesterol drug) for over 5 years.

The blood test done on 2/9/15 showed a NORMAL Blood Sugar of 92 mg/dL.
   The Blood Count, Kidney Test and Liver Test were NORMAL as well.
   LDL (Bad Cholesterol) was elevated at 240 mg/dL 
       (It should be 100 mg/dL or lower)
   HDL (Good Cholesterol) was NORMAL at 51 mg/dL.
Please try your best to watch a low calorie and low fat diet 
to get your LDL down to normal.

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