More soap!

I made another batch of lye soap over the weekend, and it’s looking good. This is the same basic recipe as the last batch, with one added ingredient. I put citronella essential oils into the mix right before I poured it. This will give the soap a citronella fragrance that will make it useful in the late spring & summer for warding off biting insects.

I also did one other thing that I’m rather proud of – I used some small ice cube trays to make “sample size” bars of this batch of soap. I thought that if people could try it and liked it, I might have more regular customers.

Speaking of which, I found out that I do have 2 regular customers of the soap I’ve been selling through a local shop. One is a mother who’s son has a serious skin condition, and can’t use commercial “soap” at all. I was told that she raves about my base soap, and reports that his skin condition is actually improving since they started using the lye soap I make. Yes, that is a huge grin you’d see on my face if you were looking at me right now. The other customer is the proprietor of the store who is selling the soaps, who has serious allergies and can’t tolerate most commercial fragrances (that are based on chemicals, not essential oils).

Who’d have thought you could make a difference in the quality of other people’s lives by making lye soap?


2 thoughts on “More soap!

  1. I am enjoying your soap. It lasts a long time. In the shower I now use it in a mesh bag because when I drop it, it breaks little chips off. I didn’t want to waste any, so in a mesh bag, if it chips, it’s still in the bag.

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