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Only liberal Democrats would scream drug testing when applying for welfare is unconstitutional.   Cocaine is more expensive than a hamburger.   It’s just wrong to ask for a hand out, then spend your money on illegal drugs.

Welfare is tax payer money.   We have a right to determine what it can and can not be used for; therefore it is not unconstitutional to deny drug users welfare.

Drug testing for applicants of welfare should be in all 50 states.  That is really the only issue here, that it is not yet in all the states.

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  1. I totally agree, but I have also seen news stories that said in the states that do have this, that very few people have tested positive. Maybe those statistics in those other articles are skewed or just made up. After all, it is the liberal media.

  2. As was stated on Arlin Report, my view has been changing on this. Our Constitutional 4th right amendments being at stake is the reasoning pointed out and I have to agree. What, then, will keep the government from imposing restrictions or testing or anything else on all of us should this be the president? Good argument from where I am sitting… 🙂 Have a great day Vernon!

    • I think my point is that drug testing should not be legal for workplaces either, but as long as people who are productive are being tested, those living off of the public good will should be tested too.

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