Weather woes . . .

When I first got up yesterday morning, I knew it would not be a fun day.  The weather forecast confirmed my arthritis’ prediction – storm coming.

The weather service never did manage to get the forecast quite right, though.  The first time I looked, it said 50% chance between 11 am and noon.  I checked again about 10:30, and the storm had been bumped to half-past noon.  By 11:30, they had pushed it back to 2:30-3pm.

It actually did arrive at 1:30 (1330 hrs) and lasted a whole 15 minutes.  But, by then I’d have thought the weather service was having a good laugh (April Fools) if it wasn’t for the prediction of my joints.

Guess what the fun part is?  More of the same today, with more repetition, with the first storm due to arrive in less than half an hour.  And at 8:30 am today the electrician who’s installing the replacement ceiling fan in our spare room will arrive to finally get that task complete ( I first blogged about contacting him just before Valentine’s Day this year to get this scheduled).

UPDATE @ 10:00am:  The electrician just left – the broken ceiling fan is gone, and a new 5-bulb light is hanging nicely where the fan once was.  It’s very bright, and has 5 LED bulbs in it.  We’re set – and he’s putting together a bid for running electricity to the entire room downstairs that I’ve been converting to a bedroom.  Six GFCI outlets with 70 feet of conduit, and the whole installation run through it’s own circuit breaker.  I should hear about that in a couple of days.


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