Alibris Wishlist fail . . .

I’ve mentioned several times before that my wife and I are avid readers.  One of the sites that I use for building my library is – generally a very well designed and informative website.

One area that they excel at, for example, is flexibility of ordering books.  When you search for a specific title, or titles by a specific author, you get relevant search results from both new and used book sellers, whether they are individuals or massive corporations.   A+

Where they totally fail is privacy.  If I wanted to share my wishlist with friends, the ONLY option they offer is for me to manually enter each friend’s email address into a form on their website.  The result isn’t only that I share the wishlist with my friend, but my friend is also added to their corporate database – without their knowledge.  I would love to share my wishlist, to inspire your choices for reading materials, or so you would have an idea what I’m reading these days and so anyone who wanted to help me get reading materials could pick from what I’m currently interested in – but I absolutely refuse to do something so backhanded as that.  If they would give me a widget that I can post here on my blog’s sidebar, I would use that.  Alas, no such thing is currently available.

Although, a clever person who knows my email addresses could probably find it by searching the website, if they wanted to.  Oh, if you do, please ignore the leather-bound volumes on the list.  Those are only there in case I can someday make a large donation to a library that can care for archives likely to last over 500 years.


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