Moles and Immigration . . .

Shortly after we bought our house, we noticed that we had unwelcome residents in our front yard.  They were moles, and they were tearing up the yard.  Still, I didn’t want to kill the moles, I just didn’t want them in our yard.  So, after doing some research on various traps and other methods of removal, I reached a decision.  I bought some solar-powered sonic repellants, and strategically deployed them at the south corners of the house.  That was a little over 2 years ago.  Our entire yard is now mole-free.

How did that happen?  The sonic deterrents made the environment unfriendly to the moles, and they left.

IMHO this is also a working example of how to deal with illegal immigration.  As long as the illegal immigrants can find what they need to survive, more will continue to come.  But, if we make the area unfriendly to them, they will leave of their own accord.  There are ways to do that which will not only not cost us more money, but will save us money.  I’ve written extensively about those options in earlier posts, so I will not go over it here.

Just keep in mind that one thing every parent learns early in their parenting career – if you reward bad behavior, you will get more bad behavior.  That is exactly what any form of amnesty (under any name) is – rewarding bad behavior.


3 thoughts on “Moles and Immigration . . .

  1. Well, it worked for the moles, but the illegal aliens issue is more complicated and someone may start screaming discrimination or something. We definitely don’t have to leave the welcome mat out.

    • We need to find a way to un-demonize the word “discrimination”. There is no way to avoid making choices, and any choice that is based on a preference is a discrimination. Whether to eat at McDonald’s instead of Burger King – discrimination. Going to a movie instead of a bar – discrimination. Buying a blue car instead of a green one – discrimination.

      In the field of immigration reform, we absolutely MUST discriminate in favor of those who did not break the law to arrive within our borders. Our effective unemployment rate, and thus our government’s income, can not support the choice to attempt legalizing the illegal arrivals first.

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