“Pick’n an’ grin’n”

Yesterday while my wife was getting ready to leave for work, she encountered another of the unwelcome guests to our home that accompanied my daughter when she moved in last year.  It had managed to crawl under her robe while she was getting dressed, and when she picked up the robe, she let out a brief shriek and then I heard her shoe give it a massive headache.  Several times.

When she came in to tell me about it, I knew it was already over.  Nothing for me to do, except put it into a context that wouldn’t ruin her day at work.  So, I burst into song:

“Just like me, it longed to be, close to you!”  (from “Close to You” by the Carpenters – written by Burt Bacharach)  Well, at least she was smiling when she left for work!


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