Schedule tug-of-war

It never seems to end.  In the interest of trying to keep our monthly expenses under control, it seems the best time to do laundry is in the middle of the night – either in the winter when it helps heat the house during the coldest part of the day or in the summer when running the dryer doesn’t over-tax the air conditioner.  The major problem with that is that all the people who do maintenance on our house (mowing, tuck pointing, window replacement, plumbing, electricians, etc.) all work during the hours I’m more used to sleeping.  Oh, and let’s not forget those long-haul trips to VA health facilities that always throw a monkey-wrench in my schedule because that isn’t just one or two hours – it’s an all day trip.

Well, I’ve got another VA trip coming up, and we thought it would be great if I could, just this once, actually have my schedule adjusted to where I’m used to being up the hours that I need to be awake for that trip.  I was going to try to stay up until noon (local time) today.  It’s almost 8am right now – and I’m burned out.  Oh well, I stayed up 2 hours longer than usual – it’s a start.


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