Telomere experiment update . . .

This morning, I started my second round of supplements in line with the “Telomere repair” program.  Here is a recap of highlights of my experiment:

1.  My starting weight when I first began the telomere repair was 247.8 pounds.  My target weight is 170 pounds (which I have exceeded for over 20 years).

2.  In addition to doing the telomere repair, I’m also following the PALEO diet.  That means, basically, I am only eating foods that I can recognize what they were originally when they hit my plate.  Any edible fruit, vegetable, tuber, or meat is allowed, so long as it is not processed.  Cooking that does not alter the appearance is allowed.  Soups and stews are allowed.  Nuts and nut butters are allowed, but not recommended if you want to loose weight.

3.  My weight at the end of the last round of supplements was 224.0 pounds.

4.  My weight yesterday morning was 218.8 pounds.

5.  I have not been doing any strenuous exercise.


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