Video of Hillary and How She Feels About Guns Surfaces

Item #401 on the list of reasons not to vote for Hilary – she can’t even tell the difference between a military spec weapon (that requires special Federal permits to legally buy) and a civilian weapon that anyone with a legal right to own a weapon can get at the local sporting goods store.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Whoa: Video of Hillary Clinton and How She Really Feels About Gun Owners Surfaces.

It amazes me. The Clintons themselves and their administration admitted the assault weapons ban did nothing for the crime rates.

And, of course, the questioner quoted a statistic – as usual – that has been proven false six ways to Sunday.

It is not a small minority of people who support gun rights – again, that has been proven repeatedly.

And automatic weapons are not purchased with a NICS background check. As “the smartest woman in the world” she should know this. You don’t just decide one day that you want an automatic weapon and go down to the local gun shop and pick one up. These folks have been told this repeatedly, and they either ignore it or argue about how it is “petty semantics.” The bottom line is… your average uninformed voter doesn’t…

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2 thoughts on “Video of Hillary and How She Feels About Guns Surfaces

    • No, I don’t. There is too much contradictory evidence – not the least of which is that the building it supposedly happened in was closed 2 years prior to the event after it was condemned for structural reasons. There is no way there were school children in class on that day – not in THAT building.

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