The universe aligns itself . . .

totally against me.

No, not really.  Just against what I would have preferred; and I’m smart enough to know the difference.

To recap – a week before yesterday, I had to make a long trip to a VA hospital to get an evaluation of my migraine headaches.  From then to Sunday, I felt terrible.  I finally figured out that it was probably due to my eating something totally not allowed on the PALEO diet while I was having breakfast that Monday morning.

The proof that I was right was that less than 10 minutes after I started eating a Mediterranean Salad with grilled chicken strips, I started feeling better.  It was exactly what I needed.  When my wife got ready for work yesterday morning, I was completely ready for a restful 8 hour sleep.

And right after she left, the people who live across the street took advantage of the first real break in the storm system pattern we’ve had for the last week, and fired up their lawn mowers.  That lasted until 10:30 am, more or less.  Then they fired up the weed eaters to do the edging.

I didn’t get to actually try to sleep until after lunch.  I can’t fault them for what they did.  I can’t complain that the weather finally broke and gave us ONE mild weather day.  But, I would have liked the chance to go to sleep earlier.


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