In an ideal world …

Here are my latest musings about what can be done better by the members of our highly integrated society.  In the interest of saving time typing, just assume that every sentence begins with the phrase, “In an ideal world…”

… everyone would be free to practice (or not practice) any religion of their choice, without it causing anyone else to have a second thought about that choice.

… nobody would assume they have the right to expect others to protect them from hurt feelings or embarrassment.

… nobody would assume to have the authority to make any moral judgement for anyone but themselves.

… nobody would attempt to pass judgement on the choices others make.

… nobody would ever do anything that directly or knowingly indirectly caused harm to anyone else.

… nobody would ever need to seek the approval of any authority other than their own conscience, guided by these precepts.

… anyone who asked any question would be given an honest answer, regardless of the age of the individual asking the question.

… no facet of human beingness, including bodies, would need to be kept hidden from anyone of any age.

… no religion would assume that it holds the authority to pass judgement on any other part of society.  If it is the “arbiter of truth” then that should be obvious to everyone else without persuasive effort.  If anyone disagrees, they have the moral and spiritual obligation to openly state so.

… no government would exist that did not do so in full recognition that it only holds any authority based on the willing agreement of those it governs, and has no authority in matters of morality.  Using the media to manipulate that willing agreement would be a capitol offense.  Spin doctors and advertising managers would be classed with the mentally ill.

… everyone would be so literate as to be able to carry on a college (university) level conversation in at least 3 languages.

… money would be meaningless, aesthetics would be everything.

… people who prefer to survive based on favors, influence, and clout, would be treated as having mental illnesses.  Investment bankers would be seen as a particularly unwelcome criminal class.

… everyone would know how to grow an organic garden and put up canning for the winter.

… access to the internet would be inexpensive, unrestricted, and unregulated.  Any research done with public funds, in full or in part, would be published in full on the internet with free, unrestricted access to everyone.

… all medicine would work under the principle that the best solution would be the one that is the least invasive, and most organic or natural, that is possible.  Man-made solutions would only be allowed in matters of emergency care.  “First, do no harm.”

… the public would never be asked to support someone for the rest of their natural life if they are convicted of any crime that is deemed so repulsive that the convict is not to ever be welcome to return to normal society.  They would be sentenced to death, and the sentence would be scheduled to occur within 6 months.  All reasonable appeals would need to be complete within that time.

It should be obvious that we do not live in an ideal world.


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