The Paleo Diet…

I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts that I’m currently using the Paleo Diet program, and over the last 5 months I’ve lost about 30 pounds.

There is one place that I go back to, over and over, to consult if things are good or bad.  Let me state for the record that I do drink coffee and do use free-range bacon jerky.  I also use butter for cooking.  All of that is covered on this site:

which, as the URL suggests, also includes a sample menu to help you get started.  This isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about putting your life in order to live a stronger, healthier, more active life – and the Paleo Diet can be one successful part of that goal – for some people.  I would be the last person to say that it will work for everyone.  I don’t believe in such things.


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