Parlor tricks . . .

I have a mental game I play, that you might find interesting.  It is a solo game, but it can be fun, especially on a cold or rainy day.

I sit in a comfortable chair, close my eyes, and imagine the process of doing some job I’ve never done in this lifetime.  Not the glamorous parts, but the tedious ones.  The things you’d have to do over and over, without a spotlight or any celebrity.

Like, if you were a fireman – imagine how often in a 30 year career you’d have to get out of bed to fight a fire after only an hour of sleep. Imagine then spending the next 6 hours fighting that same fire, and needing to stay alert.  Or imagine how many times you’d have to leave behind a fresh-cooked meal because the alarm sounded just as your station was starting to eat.

I do this because I have a theory.  If there truly are an infinite number of universes, then there could be an infinite number of other “me’s” out there, doing all of those other jobs that I can imagine the tedious parts of easily.  If those other “me’s” are doing those jobs, then at the very least I have the ability to know how to do them, whether I have the physical ability to or not.

It’s a theory.  I don’t know how valid it is – but it is how I “taught” myself to replace a defective wall outlet many years ago.


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