Peculiar dream . . .

I had a dream while sleeping yesterday that was very strange.  I’ve written in the past about dreams where I was flying – in the manner of Superman, not a pilot.  This was one of those, with a twist.

In the dream, I started doing somersaults in the air, then added barrel rolls, and was just generally playing around.  All of that was fine – it got weird when I suddenly started traveling.  First, a slight shift of my gaze to the left, and I’d be over Seattle.  Then a slight shift of my gaze to the right and I’d be over New York.  One or two barrel rolls later my awareness expanded to where I was everywhere – all at once.  There was a calmness bordering on serenity that went with this.  I didn’t freak out until the phone rang and woke me up.  But my heart was pounding and I was bordering on hyperventilating at that point.  If I could have gone back to sleep, I guarantee I would have.


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