CERN’s LHC runs at full capacity…

CERN’s LHC (Large Hadron Collider) went through a process of beam attenuation since powering up over the past 2 months. Today, June 3 2015, CERN went into full operation using 13 TeV ( teraelectron volts ) of power, a #new #world #record.  A “tera” electron volt is a measurement in the trillions of volts.

13 TeV = 13,000,000,000,000 volts. 🙂

Hope that is easy to understand for my non-physics non-quantum mechanic non-electrician viewers !! LOLOLOL .. which is something most of us aren’t (including me). Who can understand such power expressed in numbers/text?

The experiments done today, involving the first attenuated + stable beams at full power, proved fully “successful”.

Credit for the video to the CERN team.. animation and dubstep music come from CERN directly:

Full website post here with links to monitor the experiments live:…

(update: I don’t know why copy-paste broke that link.  Sorry)

Live feeds to CERN here:

… and no, at last report, there were no observations of black holes forming north of Paris.  *grin*



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