Frayed nerves. . .

For the last 3 days, I’ve awakened prematurely every day to the sound of construction work being done on the street right in front of our house.  Mind you, this isn’t simple, quiet things like painting lines.

No, they are using water-cooled cement-cutting saws, drills, and a few other pieces of power equipment.  It runs all day long (well, except for the half hour lunch break), and grates on my nerves to the point I almost want to scream.

Yes, I know it wouldn’t do any good.

It’s getting hard to concentrate, due to mild sleep deprivation.  If I could sleep with ear plugs in, it would be worth a try.

A careful examination of the result of the work looks to me like what they are doing is getting ready to lift small sections of the street out so they can pour new cement in to repair pot holes, so when they are done it will have been worth the effort.  I just have to hold on a while longer – and hope our lawn care pro’s show up while the other noise is going on.


3 thoughts on “Frayed nerves. . .

    • I already have a pair of very high quality ear plugs, but I can’t wear them when I sleep. I sleep on my side, and the weight of my head makes them uncomfortable in the ears.

  1. Hopefully, they will be done soon and you can sleep better, but when I left this morning, they were still at a spot pretty much directly in front of the house on the side of the street. I hope it did not wake you up.

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