Paleo Diet update…

Back when I started the Paleo diet, I weighed in at 247.8 pounds.  I wasn’t just fat, I was obese.  I could easily loose 50 pounds from that, and would still be overweight; that’s how heavy I was.

And I felt it, too.  I was sluggish, had no energy, and had random back & knee pain nearly all the time.

Yesterday evening, my wife made the observation (out loud) that she thought I looked smaller.  So, I checked.  The scale reports that I am now down to 214.0 pounds.  Without strenuous exercises that I am not supposed to do, due to a weak femur bone in my left leg.

Yes, I’m still overweight.  Yes, I still experience lower back pain (likely due to how much “gut” I have out front).  Yes, I still get pain in my knees.  But, losing the weight can’t hurt anything, and I’m starting to be able to think more clearly.  In fact, I have blisters on my fingers again – from putting the “Rocksmith” game disc in my PS3 and resuming my efforts to learn how to play a guitar.  It’s been over a year since the last time I felt up to doing that.


2 thoughts on “Paleo Diet update…

  1. Pamela Peterson says:

    Hello Vernon. sounds like me talking instead of you! I’ve been on the Keto Clarity Diet, but I feel that the Paleo would be better for me. I have to be really careful on how much protein I eat or I just won’t drop the pounds (ugh) I’ve had problems with lower back and knees due to me being… yep…obese. I get the feeling I’m eating too much fat. I’m burning fat, but its slow.

  2. I know how you feel. IMHO, it probably isn’t the fats you’re eating that are keeping you from losing weight – it is the grains. I couldn’t lose an ounce until I stopped eating all grains. Paleo is very simple – you can eat (almost) anything that isn’t processed so much you don’t recognize it from the natural state. Oh, nuts are alright, but not recommended if you want to lose weight. No legumes.

    Here are my two favorite PALEO guide websites:

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