Need a new computer…

Well, “need” might be a bit harsh, but I’m still moving that direction.

I bought this computer in Fall, 2011, wanting it to specifically be capable of playing a new game that would be released in November of that year.  My idea was that I would only need to add a high-end video graphics adapter card to make this a top-end gaming computer rig.  I added the graphics card about 2 years later.

This computer has NEVER been reliable, but it is getting worse.  It randomly reboots itself multiple times every day, sometimes when it isn’t even actively in use (like while I’m getting a cup of coffee).  Even when it isn’t rebooting at a frustrating moment, the web browser crashes at crazy times; and sometimes the screen goes black for a few seconds, and when it comes back everything looks exactly like before but for the addition of an error message telling me that the graphics card quit working.  Add to that the fact that I’ll never be able to play the game I wanted to play on a PC because I won’t set up an account with a 3rd party software verification company (STEAM) to use a disc I bought from a legal vendor, and my whole reason for keeping this computer (while cussing it) goes right out the window.

I’m thinking I need to just kick this computer to the curb, and switch to a low-cost laptop (or perhaps even a tablet) dedicated to just my internet activity. With a very non-techie-user-friendly distribution of Linux for the OS, and Firefox for the Browser.

Then, IF I ever get another gaming PC, it will be kept exclusively offline.  Which still means I’m never going to get to play a PC version of that game.


2 thoughts on “Need a new computer…

    • Honestly, I did look at Apple’s products – back in the days of the Apple IIE. I didn’t like them then – but my dislike wasn’t over their reliability so much as their being overpriced and mostly catering to musicians and artists.

      I don’t know how much the software has changed over the years, but most of the techies I still know tell me Apple still overprices it’s products. The Linux OS software is stable, does everything I would need in a non-gaming computer, and runs on computers that won’t make me wait to buy one.

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