Pick the weirdo…

One of the services I use on the internet is a browser surfing assistant called “Stumble” – they surf the internet and suggest things that you might like based on your profile (you give up/down thumbs to things and they use that to help screen suggestions).  Generally, they do a pretty good job of this.

Yesterday they sent me an email with more suggestions, and I found this gem – – –


Of course, being a weirdo myself, I’m totally biased.


3 thoughts on “Pick the weirdo…

  1. This is very cool, Vernon. The more I am becoming enlightened as a spirit, the more I have realized that “fitting in” is not good, being unique is good. Vive la difference! I think most of us were brainwashed as children to believe we should fit in. GAWD, I tried so hard. Life could have been really fun back then…. Instead I was constantly embarrassed by trying to fit in and never really succeeding at it. Oh well, it’s all part of learning…. Thanks for this website.

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