Some updates…

Yesterday afternoon, the mowers came by to cut our lawn.  In compliance with an agreement we struck about 2 weeks ago, he also took down the 3 screen windows that were covering the 3 windows we’re getting replaced on the 30th.  So, everything is ready.  Let the installation commence.

I’m still looking into options about Grandma’s funeral.  I think I’m going to call my next younger brother and see if he’s going to go.  If he is, I’m going to offer to help with his gas if he’ll pick up Dad on the way.  Part of the reason is that the window installation was already scheduled, and might cause a conflict, but, I don’t really see any point to deliberately putting myself in a situation that isn’t going to be pleasant or helpful for anyone.  If I go, I’m likely to get thrown out for causing a disturbance when the minister starts in with the hellfire.


3 thoughts on “Some updates…

  1. Someone should tell the ministers that – to be nice, I mean.

    Grandma was one of the many relatives that branded me a “black sheep” for turning my back on a faith I was raised in. My dad’s brother is also a lay minister, and my dad is a Sunday School teacher. Polite is not going – if I go, they will coordinate a full-court press to get me back into a church.
    Update: Problem solved. My brother (that I was going to call) had already worked it out with my dad to provide the ride when Dad called me to tell me when the service would be.

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