Leaving comments…

I find it to be hilarious just how many people try to leave “glowing” (though often totally non-sequitur) comments on my blogs (always the older ones, not something recent) that are nothing but transparent attempts to get a backlink to their website.  Sometimes I’ll approve the comment after editing out the backlinks – it would be fun to see if they ever check up on it.

I don’t support backlink swaps just for the sake of a backlink.  If you actually like something I wrote enough that you re-blog it with the link back to me – thank you.  I’ll do the same when I see blogs by others that I feel merit a shout (and I do this quite often).  But, all comments are screened on my blog for just this reason – I will not let you use my blog for nothing else than improving your Google Search position.  That is not the benefit my blog exists to pass on to you.


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