I’m an EXPERT at…

Yes, I’m an expert at … … … bad timing.

Note to my wife:  If you read this before you leave your conference to return home, please call me ASAP so I can ask you an important question that will help speed setting up this laptop!

Last night when I started working on getting my laptop set up, one of the first things I wanted to do was install Firefox and sync the settings to what I’m running on my desktop.

Naturally, it didn’t work.  Oh, I got Firefox installed.  I got the Sync account set up and logged in for both computers, but none of the settings would transfer.

After about 15 minutes I clicked on the right button to find out that Firefox had the Sync servers down for scheduled maintenance.

What was that old saying on the early arcade video games?  Oh, that’s right “Thank you for playing, please try again.”  Or something like that.

*sigh*  Oh well, I guess it’s just a subroutine of the game to help me learn to have a more centered “Zen” attitude.  Something along the lines of, “Just because it doesn’t happen when you wanted it to, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen when the time is right.”

But, hey – – – I have music without headphones again!  It’s been years!


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