Shaking my head… (UPDATED)

I’ve posted numerous times before about how the universe almost seems to behave like it is sentient when arranging things to challenge my plans.

Take, for example, today’s plan for getting the new windows installed (if the contractor keeps up his end of the schedule).  If I behave as if he will still arrive to begin the installation by around 10am, I still will have to shut off the A/C to allow him to work – on the day the weather forecast says will be the hottest one this week.

Sometimes I think the universe is deliberately testing me.  I hope I’m getting a passing grade . . . . . (grin).

UPDATE:  Last Thursday, there was a crew working down the street with a cement saw, cutting driveways and curbs to get ready for the new sidewalk.  Naturally, our driveway was no problem – until they tried to cut the apron.  It was poured with a cement that had crushed silicon rock added – they killed 3 saws trying to cut it, and didn’t get it cut.  There isn’t even a natural crack in it – and it’s over 50 years old.

Of course, the universe has a master plan.  The crew came back this morning to try again.  I had to run out and ask them to keep an eye out for the contractors for the windows, explaining that it took me over 6 months to get those windows ordered and scheduled for installation.  They were very understanding and glad to help by letting the contractors past when they arrive (if the apron cut isn’t already finished by then).


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