Hey, Microsoft – – KMA.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Microsoft is starting to make “reservations” for the free upgrade to their Windows 10 operating system.  They are telling everyone with an authenticated Windows OS (at least those that are still supported) to make their reservations now.  There is a little Win10 app that appears in your system tray.

I have no intention of upgrading to Win10.  When I get my laptop fully set up, my desktop is going permanently offline.  So, I invested the time in finding out how to hide the notification/app.

Every time this damned computer re-boots itself, that notification/app appears back in the taskbar.  Microsoft is NOT taking “NO” for an answer.

So I’m publicly telling them to KMA – Kiss My ********.   Give me a way to say “NO THANKS” and banish the damned thing forever, please?


6 thoughts on “Hey, Microsoft – – KMA.

  1. Robin says:

    Oh yeah. M$ doesn’t want the folks to know they have OPTIONS! Not just Mac, but supercool free stuff like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and my personal favorite, LXLE (http://lxle.net), which has kept my old desktop out of the landfill for years! Still runs better and faster than it did brand new.

    • Speaking of those options, now that I have a Dell Latitude D830 that I’m trying to get set up, I’m looking for a Linux-type OS. I want something as easy-to-use as UBUNTU 8.04 was, but that is as privacy-oriented as TOR. Do you have any suggestions?

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