The new laptop…

As I’m sitting here writing this, it is actually 5:45 am on Tuesday, but I prefer to only post one thing each day, so this is getting scheduled for Thursday.

I’m very happy with the new laptop, so far.  I said that I was getting it for use on the internet, and it will do that nicely – as soon as I get the WiFi access set up.  That should happen later today (Tuesday). {It did}

I’ve also previously said that the reason I got the laptop was because I didn’t want to have to keep using a desktop that randomly crashes at a frustrating frequency level.  The blog that posted Monday?  The desktop crashed 3 times while I was writing it.  The laptop arrived Saturday morning, and hasn’t crashed even once since I plugged it in.  THAT is the level of reliability I was looking for.

I just wish I could get the desktop to be that reliable.  I’m getting tired of playing games on the PS3 (there just aren’t that many that I have any interest in playing).

As for the laptop, there is only one thing left to do – kick Microsoft to the curb.  If anyone has a line on a reliable Linux distro that will just install and run everything on a Dell Lenovo D830, is as user-friendly as Ubuntu 8.04 was, but is as privacy oriented as TOR – I want a copy.  Thanks!


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