New termite feeder…

Yesterday afternoon, during a break in storm activity, the utility company showed up with 2 trucks to plant a new utility pole in our yard.  This is needed in preparation for the new sidewalk, which will be going through where the old pole already was.  The new one is about 5 feet closer to our house.

Of course, that was when I noticed that the FedEx delivery service had left a note telling me that they tried to deliver my new computer.  *groan*  I don’t think he (the delivery man) even bothered to knock.

Anyhow, I am now using the new computer.  For those who care about such things, it’s a Dell desktop:  3.2 GHz cpu, quad core, 8 Gb of RAM, a 1 TB internal HD (along with the 1 TB external drive I already had), and a GeForce GT 720 graphics adapter card.  Oh, and it came bundled with a new keyboard – which proved sort of useful when I realized that my old keyboard wouldn’t work because it didn’t have the right connector!

To get my wife to agree to this, I had to agree to let her use ALL of my VA benefits check for the next 10 months to pay down the credit cards – but that’s alright, since I also got a new copy of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel (an online MMO video game along the lines of Oblivion and Skyrim, complete with the Explorer’s Pack).  I’ll be busy for a while, with the renewal of the friendship with the man who introduced me to modern gaming!


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