Mildly freaking out. . .

Ok, the post I had queued up for Tuesday got bumped to Wednesday, because something has come up.  It’s surreal and weird.

As I type this, it is currently 30 minutes after midnight, local time.  I’ve been up since 2030 (8:30pm) local time – ate my supper around 9:30.

At 2200 (10pm) I started feeling physically “off”.  Shortly after that, when I got up to refill my coffee (for the record – plain coffee with NOTHING in it but hot water) I felt woozy and wobbly – very much like I might feel if I were drunk.  I know “drunk” very well – I am a US Army veteran.

Then I noticed something else.  I feel like my skin is clammy, like I’m on the edge of starting to sweat, even though I haven’t done anything physically active.  My heart rate is elevated, but not dangerously so.  Even now, hours later, it persists.

I don’t think this is an emergency situation, but it is disorienting.


2 thoughts on “Mildly freaking out. . .

    • No, I didn’t go to a Dr. – I have no history of hypertension, or a local doctor. Since I’m supposed to go back to the VA next week, I’ll have them take a look at everything then, even if I’m feeling better.

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