The Widowmaker…

My wife and I recently watched a wonderful documentary on Netflix Streaming Video – appropriately titled “The Widowmaker”.  It was about the various options for treatment of the #1 killer in the US – sudden cardiac arrest.  Everyone who was interviewed seemed in agreement about only one thing – it’s preventable.

The weird thing I noticed was that nobody ever talked about how to prevent a heart attack – only what could be done after one.  Well, except for the people who proved that imaging the heart (like a mammogram for the heart) would give a direct look at calcification and therefore tell you with certainty whether or not any specific individual has heart disease.  But even that was the end of that discussion.

Since about 1980 – to when the documentary was produced – over 4 MILLION US citizens have died without warning from cardiac arrest.  The statistic quoted was that for 2/3rds of all men and 1/2 of all women (who have cardiac disease) the first symptom of cardiac disease anyone notices is total collapse and death.  The observation was repeatedly made that the primary obstacle to better treatment is PROFIT – for the doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies.

However – the thought occurs to me that, if a simple (and inexpensive) “cardiac mammogram” can tell with certainty if a person has arterial calcification, why not focus on programs to naturally remove the calcium buildup instead of trying to use stents or bypass surgeries?  If the arterial calcification is the ONE true cause of coronary failure – removing the calcium should result in total prevention.  It seems to me that an effective approach like that would successfully eradicate heart disease in one generation.

Someone should do the research.  Since I am not a dietician, biologist, chemist, nor a university researcher – it would probably take someone else with better skill to know what to do (but, I emphasize again that the approach should be NATURAL, not pharmaceutical).  Might it be something as simple as flushing the arteries with a substance that naturally disolves calcium – then flushing it out through the kidneys?

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