Concealed weapons work….

The following is from an email I received from the National Association for Gun Rights ….


Imagine you’re standing in line at the sporting goods store when multiple armed burglars storm in demanding guns and money.

You have only seconds to act.

You draw your gun and stop the crime, defending your life and the lives of the other customers.

But when the police arrive, instead of being touted as a hero, you’re arrested for not having a concealed carry permit.

This exact scenario took place in Topeka, Kansas recently, but luckily, just days before it happened, Constitutional Carry became law in Kansas.

So when Joey Tapley — who didn’t have a Concealed Carry Permit -– found himself confronted with three armed thugs stealing rifles and cash from a sporting goods store, he drew his gun without fear of legal repercussion.

Tapley’s quick thinking stopped the burglars and saved lives. And all of the suspects were apprehended without a single shot being fired.

But if this incident happened just two weeks earlier — or in any one of the forty-four states without Constitutional Carry — this law-abiding hero would be behind bars, facing criminal charges!

At the National Association for Gun Rights, we firmly believe the Second Amendment is the only permit law-abiding citizens should ever need. Period.

The good news is that Constitutional Carry is starting to take off in states all across the nation!

Two states — Maine and Kansas — removed the shackles of fingerprint databases, statist licensing schemes, and hefty permit fees this year.

These new constitutional carry laws allow law-abiding citizens who are legally eligible to purchase a firearm, to carry their gun, concealed, for self-defense without government “permission.”

And scenarios like the one in Kansas prove it’s working.

After the incident Tapley stated, “That’s why Kansas made the law. So citizens can carry and protect themselves and others.”

The fact is, gun owners have come a long way since the 1980s when your right-to-carry was denied in nearly every state, and the crime rate was through the roof.

As restrictive “maybe-issue“ carry laws gave way to “shall issue“ carry laws the media’s anti-gun narrative fell apart.

As gun restrictions have been deleted, the unmistakable conclusion is that when the government-mandated barriers to your Second Amendment rights are removed, crime goes down and rights are restored.

Vermont, the only state never to restrict the carrying of firearms in the first place has always been ranked at the top of the safest states.

Ten years ago, the idea of “Vermont carry” was seen by establishment politicians in both parties as an outrageous and unrealistic goal. Even the establishment gun lobby opposed the idea.

Because of the activism of National Association for Gun Rights members and supporters like you, all that has changed.

*** In 2003 Alaska became the second Constitutional Carry state.

*** In 2010 NAGR-backed efforts to pass Constitutional Carry in Arizona and Wyoming were successful.

*** In 2013 Arkansas passed a promising, yet disputed, Constitutional Carry law.

*** This year, after intense lobby efforts by NAGR members and supporters, Kansas and Maine both passed Constitutional Carry, and Mississippi lawmakers were forced to adopt a “bag” carry variant.

That’s not all.

Lawmakers in New Hampshire, West Virginia, South Dakota and Utah are finding it harder and harder to ignore NAGR supporters. Each has come very close to passing Constitutional Carry in recent years.

Even Montana and Idaho, which allow Constitutional Carry outside city limits, are under increased pressure to expand it statewide.

Finally, Constitutional Carry has been introduced and backed by NAGR in Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada. . . and may be coming soon to your state.

In some states politicians are actually competing with each other to sponsor Constitutional Carry and are eager to work with NAGR to usher in this next step for gun owners.


So, where is the one (type of) place in Kansas where a law-abiding citizen still can’t carry a weapon – whether openly or concealed?  Federal Property, like the VA Hospitals where most of our best-trained weapons handlers can be found.  Military veterans.


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