Considering vampirism…

There has been a huge amount of embellishment on the notion of vampirism over the last 10 years.  I don’t think this is a bad thing – in many ways our folk lore and mythologies define humanity, and these embellishments reflect a softening – more openly embracing of contradiction – of our attitudes towards each other.

One of the most long standing elements of vampire mythology has been the notion that the vampire is immune to all disease.  Another is that most forms of injury very rapidly heal to total recovery, as if the injury had never occurred.

Newer elements are that those cursed (or blessed?) with vampirism are not totally banished to the darkness.  Both in the Twilight movies and in the TV series The Vampire Diaries we see full vampires walking about in daylight.  In both stories we see that vampires – while still needing blood to survive – find survival possible on the blood of lower animals.

Honestly – I don’t believe that vampires walk among us.  But, if the above observations were all true, I would be completely willing to become one.  Killing bambi is already something I’d willingly do for food – drinking blood wouldn’t diminish that, and would be a small price to pay to not need to deal with the pain of arthritis ever again.


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