DARK Act moves to Senate…

Monsanto tests on humans

There are few things going on in Washington, DC, that are worse than the DARK Act.  Nobody benefits from the passage of this legislation, well, except for corrupt politicians and Big Food corporations like Monsanto.

The DARK Act is all about using Federal Law to prohibit states from passing their own laws to force food manufacturers/distributors to label food with information that may hurt sales.  You know – like “country of origin” or whether or not it contains GMO’s.  Some people have euphemistically called it the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” Act.

If you care about your family’s health, or the food you eat – PLEASE contact your senators and urge them to oppose The DARK Act.  In the US House it was H.R. 1599, but I haven’t heard if it has a new designation in the Senate.



3 thoughts on “DARK Act moves to Senate…

  1. I still sit in amazement at the GREED of the government and manufacturers. It all comes down to the all-mighty buck and to hell with the health and safety of the countries citizens.

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