Monsanto banned . . .


The U.S. poison-making company that disingenuously rebranded itself as a “sustainable agriculture company,” is trying to acquire a Switzerland-based chemical company whose misleading tagline is “bringing plant potential to life.”

The companies in question are Monsanto and Syngenta. And the proposed merger, though it will surely profit the Wall Street types, will only further degrade the world’s food supply while guaranteeing the non-stop flow of increasingly toxic chemicals into our environment (where they will eventually find their way into our bodies).

Why does a company like Monsanto need to gobble up a company like Syngenta? Could it be because Monsanto’s flagship product, Roundup, has been classified as a probable carcinogen, during the same year the deadly herbicide is up for review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? So the company needs a fast fix for expanding its product line?

Or is it just that Monsanto is trying to satisfy its greed by guaranteeing control of a third of the world’s seed supply? While evading the IRS by moving its headquarters to Switzerland?

This much is certain. A Monsanto-Syngenta merger will be bad for farmers, bad for the environment, and bad for your health.


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