Idle (or Idol?) speculation . . .

I became a US Army veteran in September of 1982 – so I was an adult when Patrick Dempsey made “Can’t Buy Me Love” in 1987.

Like many others, my wife has been nearly addicted to watching “Grey’s Anatomy” – which stars Patrick Dempsey.

Recently, my wife and I were browsing Netflix Instant Viewing to see what might be available – and “Can’t Buy Me Love” was there, so we took a stroll down memory lane.

I found it very interesting that in CBML, the only classroom scenes with Dempsey’s character (Ronald Miller) are in the science lab – where they are working to memorize the scientific names of the bones of the human skeleton.

Pretty essential training for someone who will (20 years later) be a world-class neurosurgeon.  LOL!


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