Watch Vets Enraged! Controvercy Over Trying To Ban The POW/MIA Flag And Calling It Racist

Liberals aren’t just good at revisionist history – they invented it. There is no stable ground under their feet – even today’s political correctness will be incorrect tomorrow, if that is what they need to further their overall political agenda.

The Silent Soldier


August 24, 2015

ByLorra B.

Banning theConfederate flagbecause some deemed it to be an abomination and showed a lack of empathy for African Americans just doesn’t seem to be enough for Liberal America. Now it seems thePOW/MIA flag(fashioned by Prisoner of War families in retort to horrific treatment at the hands of the North Vietnamese) is now in the Left’s radar.

An article inNewsweek, by Rick Perlstein, declares that the POW/MIA flag is nothing but a cult fashioned by Richard Nixon and that the horrific maltreatment of POW’s by the Vietnamese is nothing more than evil folklore useful only to “venal right-wing politicians.”

“Richard Nixon invented the cult of the POW/MIA in order to justify the carnage in Vietnam in a way that rendered the United States as its sole Victim,” stated Perlstein. The POW/MIA flag is nothing more than “political…

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