For the video gamers . . .

Normally, I would put this on my LiveJournal blog, but there seems to be a technical problem keeping me from logging in – every time I try to pull up the site it crashes my browser.

Still – this is something exciting (at least for me, and like-minded gamers) that bears sharing.

Bethesda has released the first 3 games of The Elder Scrolls game series through the DRM-free distribution site  What makes this exciting is that the first 2 games in the series were not designed to be played on the PC – and emulators have struggled (mostly in vain, in my experience) to make them playable.  GOG has it’s own launch interface that seems to flawlessly make those games playable on my PC.  Right now, they have a bundle-sale going on where you can get all 3 – PLUS 2 spin-off parallel games related to the series – for a hair over $21 USD.  It IS worth a look!


One thought on “For the video gamers . . .

  1. well, I guess I just lost curiosity about the newer consoles
    which are more part. 9) Next you will set keyboard
    keys A, B, X, and Y to correspond to your NES controller Start, A button, Select, and B button (because order).
    Back within the infancy of gaming, one king ruled supreme.

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