Creation vs. science classes

creation myths in science

… folktales can be both interesting and fun… and metaphors for how things work are also stimulating for the psyche and the mind to contemplate in one’s own free time… but how things work in the physical and natural world involve something called science… such a taboo for some reason in some school systems to seperate this into its own classroom… and here it’s supposedly the year 2015… oh well, why does it matter how much time passes… let’s just make the average school day 17 hours, print all of the material out on paper, then spend the day cutting it all up, toss it into a giant hat and let the kids spend their day piecing it all together and call it education.

and on and on it goes… meanwhile, global warming… oh wait, O-Bumba will fix it. all is well… and now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


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