Real life lessons in video games . . .

As an adult person who admits to playing video games, I often see/hear criticism of games and those who play them. Somehow it is perceived as somewhere between juvenile and a total waste of time. Therefore, I’d like to offer some lessons I’ve seen taught within video games that are totally appropriate to apply to real life.

Every game has rules, playing fields, boundaries, players, and non-players. Some players are allies, others opponents.

Are you a non-player or a player? Or, to put it another way – who controls your actions? If not you, then who?

The fastest route to your destination might not be the most direct.

Don’t rely only on one skill. The more options you have, the greater your chances of success.

One person willing to try will always make more of a difference than 1000 people doing nothing.

The most powerful player doesn’t always win.

The villain most to be feared isn’t the insane wildcard who is unpredictable. No, the one to fear is the cold, calculating sane one who honestly believes his posturing and power-grabbing will be of benefit to everyone else.

Just because the majority deems something impossible, that does not guarantee that they are right.

Timing is key – something impossible today may be easy tomorrow.

Nothing succeeds like perseverance – except patience.

Every decision you make is a choice, and every choice defines both who you are and who others believe you to be.

Never attack, or undermine, your team mates.

Always give a fair exchange for goods/services you use. If possible, give more than what others perceive it to be worth. Wealth isn’t hoarded, it is shared. If you make sure everyone around you is prosperous, I guarantee you will be too.

What you call “real life” behaves entirely within the rules of advanced games theory.


7 thoughts on “Real life lessons in video games . . .

    • Nah (lol). Can’t be . . .

      Actually, you know me. I’ve always said that if something is a truth, it will be universal. Nobody has a monopoly on truth. Any truth.

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