Alabama Moves to Eliminate Marriage Licenses

Source: Alabama Moves to Eliminate Marriage Licenses 

Nah – it’ll never survive.  It makes too much sense for the government to be able to make it work.

I was actually thinking about writing a blog about why this would be the smart way to go, nationwide, based on the sheer size of the government bureaucracy that would be needed to actually verify legal weddings across the nation.  Think about it – just for tax and insurance reasons.  There are 50 states, plus the IRS and a few territories.  Each has a Department of Revenue that needs to know for sure if a couple filing a joint tax return is actually married. However, at present EVERY county in the country issues marriage licenses.  That means that about 55 different governments need certified copies of every blank marriage license application, PLUS they need authenticated lists of the authorized signatories for each and every county – and those all need to be updated every time there is a change.  And that is just the government.  Add into the complexity that every business needs to be able to verify all of that as well, for adding dependents/spouses to insurance policies . . . .

Oh, and we still haven’t dealt with  . . . . . . inheritance laws.


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