I’ve been looking for this . . .

I’ve been looking (literally for YEARS) for a Windows-based screen saver that was nothing more than a basic clock displaying the current system time on the computer.  I’ve seen clock-calendars, appointment schedulers, and all manner of other computer critter – but, not just a basic clock as a screen saver.  Until now.

Meet – New Free Screensavers


which not only offers a digital clock as a basic screen saver, it offers them with a variety of backgrounds, fonts, colors – and analog clock options as well!  I downloaded the Simple Wood Clock (displays the time digitally with a wood paneling background) and Old Digital Clock (digital time with black background and light blue numbers).  I like them both, but ODC is slightly better (IMHO).  Seriously – none of them is a BAD idea, in so far as I know.


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