Eating crow – weight loss update . . .

Remember my big victory post a couple of weeks ago – where I was down to 186 lbs. ?  Turns out, it was a malfunction of the bathroom scale – or more specifically, the battery was almost dead.  The next time I stepped on it, it didn’t display anything at all.  After I replaced the battery, it worked fine – and after monitoring my weight over a 2 week time frame, I’ve concluded that I never actually got below 200.

In fact, probably because I thought I HAD fallen below 200 and started snacking on almond butter, I’ve actually put on  a couple of pounds.  I’m pretty stable in the range of 206 – 210 right now.  But, I’ve decided to drop the almond butter from my diet again, and see if we can get that number down to about 190, anyhow.  After all, I’ve already lost 40 lbs – what’s another 15 when I’m still 40 over?


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