These are the days . . .

Early this year, some of you may remember that I was frantically trying to get Window World to send someone over, and once it was proved beyond hope that they wouldn’t, I went to Home Depot to order some windows and get them installed.

My whole reasoning was thinking ahead to days like the ones we’ve enjoyed THIS WEEK.

Tuesday evening as we prepared for bed, I turned off the A/C and opened the windows, looking at an overnight low around 60 degrees.  Since then, the high temps have been in the low 70’s, and the lowest low so far has been 48.  The A/C has not been on, nor have we turned on the heater, all week long.

Although our cats do seem somewhat confused.  They keep jumping up to the windows and sticking their noses close to sniff this weird thing they don’t recognize – fresh air.  LOL!


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