Yesterday’s blog – part 2

AFTER I had already posted my blog yesterday, I was reminded by my wife that she was taking yesterday and today off, due to Fall Break at the university she works for.  This results in a 4 day weekend for her.

We had already planned over a week ago that we were going to do some furniture re-arranging during that break, so my dumping tons of consecutive hours into a TV series marathon wasn’t such a wonderful idea.

Well, yesterday we got most of the rearranging completed – and I completed it after my wife went to bed.  With a caveat, of course.

Don’t ever try to move furniture with low blood sugar.  Bad things can happen.  I’m just extra-ordinarily fortunate that last night it didn’t involve anything that isn’t replaceable.  But I did manage to break the glass case cover that protected my Official Star Trek 3D Chess Set for the last 17 years.


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