Paul Ryan elected . . .

The BBC Online news service is reporting that Paul Ryan was elected to lead the US House of Representatives majority faction, and serve as Speaker of the House.  Of course, the BBC is trying to spin this as a move toward Republican party unity and better function of the House.

What they aren’t telling you about (anymore) is how he bluntly stated that he wouldn’t run for Speaker unless he was given cart-blanche to do as he pleased, with all Republicans following lock-step behind him.  The BBC also isn’t telling you that every vote for Ryan as Speaker was a vote for an Amnesty for illegal immigrants, because Ryan won’t allow anything else.

The BBC isn’t telling you that the unemployment rate in the US is about to OFFICIALLY go over 30% – because all the current illegals who get green cards will OFFICIALLY take jobs from people who are already legal and are still looking for one, plus the ones not working will now be on the official unemployed residents lists.  The BBC isn’t telling you that Ryan’s policies will, in all likelihood, DOUBLE the amount of new debt our country adds during the remainder of Obama’s presidency.

I wrote to my Congresswoman (Lynn Jenkins) and asked her to stand against Ryan for all of those reasons.  The very short reply I got back was (more or less) – “It’s no secret that Paul Ryan and I are friends, and I’d never oppose a friend for any reason.”

She’s never going to get my vote again.


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