eBay feedback broken . . .

I’ve never really liked the feedback system on eBay, but it used to be better.  A few years ago, they made a change that was supposed to be for the protection of sellers – but it has caused the system to totally break down.

What is now happening is that some (not all, but many I’ve dealt with) sellers are now refusing to leave positive feedback for a buyer – UNLESS you give them positive feedback first.  In other words, no matter how promptly you pay, or how painless things are for them, if you don’t leave them positive feedback, you won’t get any.  Even if they send you sheets that are ripped, toys that are broken, or electronics without a plug-in.  Doesn’t matter what they do wrong to deserve negative feedback, they can DEMAND positive feedback, and you have to give it to them if you want to be rated based on what you did right.

Oh, sure.  eBay claims to have a dispute resolution service – it’s about like your friend hiring a lawyer to defend you against an assault charge he filed against you.  Guess who’s going to win?  Same thing with eBay’s dispute resolution – I’ve never heard of a buyer winning a dispute against a seller.

The only solution I’ve found is to turn the tables – I don’t leave feedback AT ALL if they don’t rate me before the product arrives.


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